Elsing Green is an historic, Colonial Virginia plantation and has been in continuous operation for over 300 years. Elsing Green currently consists of approximately 2,254 acres. Much of the land is cultivated to continue to maintain Elsing Green as an operating plantation. The remainder consists of woods, marsh, and swamp land, currently serving as a wildlife refuge, and gardens which have been returned to their earlier state by planting formal and informal gardens in the English style around the home. Also situated on the property are a smoke house, springhouse, gate house, two necessaries, and a plantation office. The Lafferty family personally designed, laid out and planted the gardens,shrubbery and trees resulting in a beautiful, simple and natural setting for one of this country’s most beautiful homes. The preservation easements placed on Elsing Green protect the gardens, graveyard and entrance to Elsing Green as well as its buildings. The Pamunkey River lies approximately 250 yards beyond lowest terrace in front of the manor house.